Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Sew Along Progress

The Candy Castle Patterns sew along is progressing nicely!  We've moved on from the prep to the actual sewing which is exciting.

Here's what I've got so far. I'm adding a piping detail along the bodice.  When I sewed my first one up the other week before starting the sew along one I felt like it needed something more, a little pop.  I'm hoping this does the trick. This is my first time working with piping so we'll see how it turns out, I'm a little nervous.

Nervous about more than just the piping, honestly.  For some reason what I've got so far doesn't seem to match up with what I'm envisioning. I was so excited about my fabric in the beginning, then I saw all the absolutely gorgeous fabric combos the other ladies had and I developed fabric insecurity. And now with it partially sewn up I'm still unsure.

I'm sticking with it though.  I'm determined to see it through.  I'm hoping right now it's just because of how unfinished it looks.  We move on to part two of constructing the bodice tomorrow, so I'll be back to let you know.  I do have another special detail planned, but I'm keeping that one a surprise til the end, you'll have to come back to find out!

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