Sunday, August 4, 2013

Retro Cherry Dress

Hello everybody!  Not a whole lot to report on the sew along, tonight is the last night for bodice construction part two.  For the most part it looks the same as it did when I posted a few days ago so I'm not including a picture.  We move onto skirt construction tomorrow, I'm pretty excited!

I do have a recent project to share though. I mentioned in my post about making a circle skirt that there were a few patterns I wanted to modify to use a circle skirt. The Anna's Sweetheart Halter Top by Create Kid's Couture is one of them. Make sure to check out their shop, they've got a ton of adorable patterns.

Here is the original Anna.
This is a stock photo that is property of CKC.  I did not sew the item pictured. 
It is an awesome pattern as is.  A quick sew that even beginners could do, with a beautiful end product. I made one following the original pattern and loved how it came out, but it appears I forgot to get a picture.

Anyways, here is my modified version.

 I substituted a circle skirt for the gathered skirt, added piping to the bodice, and left off the ruffle.  I originally intended to include the ruffle, but with the large circumference of the circle skirt I realized it would have taken over 300 inches of fabric.  That's a lot of fabric to gather.

I think it turned out pretty cute even without the ruffle.  I love the slight retro look it has.

She loves the twirl factor.

Did you know that if you have your photos auto-upload to Google+ it will take pictures taken in quick sucession and turn them into a GIF?  I didn't!  At least not until I logged in after the mini photo shoot and found this.
She's laughing because she farted.  True story.
I've got another one of these planned, and will take pictures so I can do a tutorial for anybody who might be interested.

Before I sign off for the night, here's a hint about the other detail I'm adding to the Bubblegum Dress.
Any guesses?

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