Friday, August 30, 2013

Exciting things!

So as I mentioned before, one of the prizes of the Candy Castle Sewalong was a spot as a tester for her next pattern, the awesome Triple Layered Cake Tunic.  Testing just finished so I'm finally allowed to post pictures!

This was my very first time being a tester EVER, and I lucked out on not only an amazing designer, but an amazing pattern as well.  As soon as I saw a picture of the pattern I knew exactly what I wanted to do.  It screamed "ombre!"  Choosing the color was a bit more involved, I wasn't expecting to have such a hard time finding 5 shades of the same color, but finally managed to find 5 shades of blue that looked fabulous together.  

I've got so many more ideas for it swimming in my head, I'll definitely be making more of them.  Unfortunately the pattern won't be released for another month or so, when they release the rest of the Fall line.  You can expect more from me about this pattern as the release draws closer though. :)  You can also stay up to date on the progress of the Fall Line and get in on the many awesome contests and games that Candy Castle Patterns offers by joining the CCP Facebook group.

In other exciting news, I also managed to score a position as a tester for Fishsticks Designs which I am incredibly excited about.  I've been trying to break into the tester world for months with zero luck, then suddenly I manage to get in not just once, but twice!  

That about covers everything exciting going on here, so I shall leave you with more pictures of the unbearable cuteness that is my daughter in her Blueberry Creme Triple Layered Cake Tunic. 

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