Sunday, December 29, 2013

Personalized Color-Your-Own Pillowcases!

 Several weeks ago one of the lovely ladies behind Pattern Revolution wrote up a tutorial on how to make your own coloring book Christmas stockings (found here) using printable color pages and tracing paper. It is such an awesome idea, I was so bummed that everybody in my family already had handmade stockings that were only two years old.  We surely weren't in need of new stockings.

Then someone mentioned using the technique on pillows, and I knew I just absolutely had to do it.  It would be a beyond perfect Christmas Eve activity for my daughter and her cousins. I set off in search of a pillowcase pattern to use, because believe it or not in my years of sewing I had never made a pillowcase before these.  I ended up using this awesome tutorial by Teal & Lime to make some envelope-style slipcovers. 

Some details on my specific project-

I used Sew Classic Target Bottomweight from Joann's.  Worked beautifully, no issues with the marker seeping into the fabric and turning blotchy at all. I know the Pattern Revolution blog mentioned having to be careful with the twill fabric, I didn't have that issue with this fabric at all. 

I figured out the dimensions needed for my pillow size and cut it out, then marked where the front panel of the pillow would be.  I hemmed the ends, but traced the design onto the fabric before sewing the other seams. I google-searched for the images, and then just typed out the names and year on Microsoft Word in a large, bold font.

I was pleasantly surprised at how quickly these came together, I was really expecting them to be rather time consuming, but I was easily able to make two of them in one evening.

My daughter absolutely LOVED it, she sat and colored it all in one sitting.  There will definitely be more of these in her future.  I also really want to try making a coloring tote with this technique.  Another idea would be a small blanket.  "Color your own" for the front and then a nice minky or flannel on the back. The possibilities are truly endless.  What are you going to transform into "Color Your Own?


  1. That is so clever! What kind of markers did you use? Really cute.

    1. I just used Permanent fabric markers, I think the brand was Tulip. I'd have to double check.

      (Are you making fun of me? Because I totally asked the same question when the stocking tutorial was shared in one of the PDF groups.)